PORTUGAL: Promotes Portuguese literature abroad and provides subsidies for foreign publishers of translations of works by Portuguese authors and those from African countries whose official language is Portuguese. The subsidies cover 30- 70% of the translation costs. More information.

BRAZIL: It is the largest investment ever made by the Brazilian government to encourage the presence of works of literature from Brazil in the international publishing market. The Program for Supporting The Translation and Publishing of Brazilian Authors Abroad will distribute a total of US$ 7.6 million in translation grants and financial support for reissuing projects to publishing companies interested in Brazilian authors. More information.

ARGENTINA: The Programme was launched as a result of the commitment made by the Argentine Government to promote the translation of works by Argentine authors so as to encourage their printing in foreign languages and to disseminate our imagery, ideas and values abroad. Since it was created the Programme has awarded more than 400 works translated to
34 languages. More information.

CATALONIA: One of the aims of the Institute is the diffusion of literature written in Catalan through the support and promotion of translations from Catalan into other languages, their commercial publication and adequate advertising support. More information.

QUEBEC: Titles in French from Quebec are eligible for translation subsidies granted by the government of Quebec under the translation programme of SODEC. More information.

CANADA: The Canada Council for the Arts provides assistance to foreign publishers for the translation of literary works by Canadian authors, into languages other than French or English, for publication abroad. For further details or to obtain the International Translation Grants application form, contact Marcel Hull, Writing and Publishing Section Officer, at (613) 566- 4414, ext. 4571. Website.