Nicolas Chalifour was born in Quebec City in 1970. He has lived in Toronto and Montreal and its suburbs. From Here, Everything Is Small was shortlisted for the 2010 Prix des libraires.


  • Vu d’ici tout est peti(From Here, Everything Is Small) Publisher: Héliotrope I Language: French I Year: 2010 I Pages: 236 I Rights: World

 Shortlisted for the 2010 Quebec Booksellers’Prize

Winner of the Special Jury Award of the 2010 Montérégie Region Book Prizes 

Vu d’ici tout est petit was included in l’ Actualité magazine’s list of ‘35 new voices shaking Quebec literature’

A little creature (a sort of gnome) lurking in the shadows of a manor observes the lives of people inside: the kitchen staff, the butler, the waiters, the maids, the director and the clients. Each day, this very determined creature goes into the building to rummage through the rooms and cellars, discovering a new world.
He examines the world of the manor in great detail, seeing the ridiculousness of rich people and their perversity. Through the fluid and wriggling rhythm of the narrative, told from the perspective of a small creature who transforms into an adventurous knight after dark (to defend the honour of his favourite waitress), Chalifour shows us a surprising angle on the microcosm of the manor.


  • Variétés Delphi (Delphi Varieties) Publisher: Héliotrope I Language: French I Year: 2012 I Pages: 236 I Rights: World

Delphi Varieties could be called a novel of games. The main character, a Shakespearean spirit, upon first glance seems to live for nothing more than being the thorn in the world’s side. Although this story often seemingly hides behind a veneer of hilarious pranks that rely on the humiliation of those perceived by the main character to be inferior human beings, we are reminded from as early as the prologue what lurks beneath the surface. The introductory pages place the reader in the strange hell of a father who thinks his young daughter is dead in his arms. The narrative then takes an unexpected turn and lands us in the slapstick chaos of chic dining gone wrong. Later on, estranged from his wife and daughter, the triviality of the protagonist, the father, exposes the baseness and artifice that grow like mould in the world with which he has surrounded himself.

Chalifour, through this fast paced novel, strings us along in an opaque mystery full of underplayed tragedy and filled with unexpected turns of events.and

Winner of the Adult Fiction Prize of the Montérégie Region Book Prizes