Bryan Perro (Shawinigan, 1968) currently lives in Saint-Mathieu du Parc, Quebec. He has completed training as actor and drama teacher at the UQUAM; he obtained a MA in Quebec Studies at the Univertsité du Québec and he studied the werewolf in the oral tradition. He is the acclaimed author of the children’s fantasy fiction series, Amos Daragon and has won several awards during his career, including the Prix Jeunesse of science-fiction of Québec.

Quebec’s most popular series of books for young readers!

More than 2 million copies sold to date

Translation and publishing rights sold to 18 countries !

USA (Delacorte), UK (Scribo), Italy (Fanucci), Germany (Beltz), France  (Pocket), Brazil (Olympo), Portugal (Esquilo), Danmark (Columbine), Poland  (Panteon), Turkey (Beyaz), Greece (Orpheas), Croatia (Izvori), Romania  (Cartier), Bulgaria (Hermes), Russia (Olma), Serbia (Kairos), Ukrania (Ranok) Korea (Han-Eon Community),  Indonesia (Percetakan)

It’s also a live show playing and a summer camp for kids! www.sanctuairedesbraves.com

And soon a TV show and Movie 

The series

The main story focuses on Amos, a bright and adventurous twelve year-old, and his quest to become the ‘Mask Wearer’. He sets out on a journey to find four masks that harness the forces of nature and the sixteen stones of power (4 stones per mask) that give the masks their magic. With the help of his humanimal friend, Beorf, Amos must fulfill his destiny and defeat the forces of evil that threaten his world. If you want to receive more info don’t hesitate to ask me.

The 15 episodes are linked and all Amos’ adventures/missions continue in sequence. At the beginning, Amos is in pursuit of mankind’s first magical item; once he acquires the four masks he start to command the 4 natural elements. His quests will lead him to find more legendary stones that empower the masks and harness his abilities to fight. The series is a progressive journey which explore all sorts of adventures (and fantastical creatures) for the young hero. 


1.Porteur de masques
2.La clé de Braha
3.Le crépuscule des dieux


4.La malédiction de Freyja
5.La tour d’El-Bab
6.La colère d’Enki


7.Voyage aux enfers
8.La cité de Pégase
9.La toison d’or

10.La grande croisade
11.Le masque de l’éther
12.La fin des Dieux

There are 3 more titles published separately:

13.Le sanctuaire des Braves I

14.Le sancturaire des Braves II
15.Le sanctuaire des Braves III