Henry Verne (1918, Ath, Belgium) the pseudonym of Charles-Henry Dewisme, is one of the most important author of action and science-fiction novels of the world. He was a boxer, a diamond collector, an II world war resistant, a secret agent for the MI6, a painter and a journalist. He visited every corner of this plante (we are still not sure about the others) and has seens published over 230 of his works during his life. He mostly known as the father of the character Bob Morane, a modern day hero whose adventures span over 50 years, starting as straight adventure fare and quickly including elements of espionage, crime fiction, science-fiction and fantasy. Vernes also wrote the script of many comic books and animated movies, using several different pseudonyms: Jacques Colombo, Robert Davids, Duchess Holiday, C. Reynes, Jacques Seyr, Lew Shannon, Ray Stevens. He is still very much alive (in Brussels) and writing!            


A mythical series of adventure books in French featuring Bob Morane, the eponymous protagonist. At the beginning, Morane was a young volunteer RAF pilot during World War II. After the war, he became a full-time explorer, freelance reporter for “Reflets” magazine and adventurer. He’s proficient in Karaté, Ju-Jitsu and Judo as well as with weapons. He speaks a wide variety of languages and most books usually start with him traveling to some exotic location. His adventures over the years brought him in contact with numerous highly placed figures of the world’s intelligence community.

More than 230 novels have been written since his introduction in 1953, the iconic covers illustrated by artists such as Pierre Joubert, Henri Lievens, William Vance, Claude Pascal and René Follet.

The popularity of Bob Morane led to his subsequent appearance in a 1960 film, a TV series in 1965, a 1998 animated series (Canal+, France3), multiple videogames, comics, and a long-running series of graphic novels (roughly 80 books since 1959) which has featured the artwork of artists such as Dino Attanasio, Gérald Forton, William Vance and Felicísimo Coria.

The novels, which started as straight adventure fare, quickly included elements of espionage, crime fiction, science-fiction and fantasy. Thanks to Perro Editeur we now have the chance to help reviving the extraordinary series!