Horacio Convertini (1961) was born in Buenos Aires. He’s journalist and he recently published his novel Reinforcement, finalist at the prize Gabriel Sijé 2008. Has also published a book of short stories, Los que están afuera that won the second place in the prize Fondo Nacional de las Artes 2007. He has won and has been shortlisted in many national and international literary competitions.

  • La soledad del mal (The bad loneliness) I PUBLISHER: Eduvim I LANGUAGE: Spanish I YEAR: 2012 I PAGES: 144 I GENRE: Crime novel/Literary fiction I RIGHTS: World. I SOLD TO : Mexico


Báez Ayala, a ruthless murderer, roams around the city like a hungry wolf, looking for victims that deserve the sacrifice of death. To do it, he makes perverse plans that allow him get close to the victims, win their confidence and find in their insignificant souls the breaking point that will make the crime a liberating ritual.

A psycho who kills using a refined psycologic sadism, till he comes across someone different: an enigmatic woman who defies him, who attracts him (perhaps because she resembles to him), someone who will make him shiver for the first time.

The crimes of a murderer who before being a victimizer was a victim. And an idea: evil carries an irretrievable loneliness, whose only way out is the destruction of the neighbours.

With accurate brushstrokes, Convertini manages to draw with mastery his characters: a murderer, a conventional teacher, a jaded housewife, a jilted lesbian, a paedophile priest, a failed actor…

A precise language of high literary quality allows the author to reflect on painful aspects of the human condition, without affecting the development of the action.

First prize winning novel at the Azabache Festival in 2012

Prize Memorial Silverio Cañadas xxvi Black Week of Gijón 2013

“Convertini investigates successfully on the idea that every victimizer was a victim first. The solitude of Evil enlightens certain deep darkness of the human condition”. Martín Kasañetz, supplement Radar

“Convertini shows us the darkest things that can nest inside oneself”. Leonardo Oyola, jury of the Azabache Prize

“Horacio Convertini reinvents with originality the rules of detective stories”. Norberto Battista, ADN Cultural Magazine