Fernando Sobral is a Portuguese journalist who has worked for many national newspapers including Semanário, O Independente and Diário Económico.
He was also managing editor of the weekly entertainment magazine, Se7e. He still works for various prestigious Portuguese newspapers and has written the novels: Na Pista da Dança and Torre de Papel. He also co-authored Barings, a História do Banco Britânico que Salvou Portugal.

  • O Segredo do hidrovião (The Secret of the Missing Seaplane) Publisher: Ed. Parsifal I Year:2014 I Pages: 220 I Original: Portuguese I GENRE: Historical novel / Thriller I RIGHTS: World

The story of the first missing seaplane in the history of aviation

On the 16th of July 1948, the seaplane Miss Macau went on one of its usual trips between Macau and Hong Kong. Among the passengers was a group of Chinese men who planned to hijack the plane, making it look as if it disappeared in the ocean, killing the crew and all the people on board. The only survivor will be killed years after, near the door of the cellar where he was imprisoned, right after his release. The question is: why?

The price of gold, regulated during World War II by the Bretton-Woods Treaty, led to illegal trades, and to frenzy among smugglers in that particular area of Asia. What nobody knows is that on board of the Matco/Cathay Pacific plane there was also something wanted by many influential people in Macau and China. Who is behind the hijack attempt of Miss Macau, the first of its kind in the history of aviation? What are the reasons for it?

Based on real events, the author builds a fast paced historical thriller that will introduce readers to the fascinating world of political conflicts in China during the time of Mao Tse-Tung. A tale of burning ambitions and intrigues that will shed a new light on the interests of the Portuguese community in Macau.


  • Ela Cantava Fados (The Fado Singer) Publisher: Quetzal I Year:2011 I Pages: 272 I Original: Portuguese. French Rights sold to Perro Éditeur

Lisbon is a lot more than a city of shiny lights to attract the tourists. Many untold secrets are hidden behind the romantic facades of its buildings and walls of its modern palaces. Some of these secrets are so dark that they can bring death to those who would never have thought of it so early in life.

When a young and very talented fado singer is found murdered, the detective Manuel da Rosa immediately finds himself caught in an unknown world, even to a man like himself, who fought many wars and had many solved cases under his belt.

Fado is not only melancholy. Fado is also revenge. It can be connected to finance, in a world where everything has a price because everything is for sale. Even love. From suspect to suspect, the detective goes through a city that already lives in the future but has never really been able to forget its past. A city very similar to him.  A man trapped between two worlds, who is still not completely sure of what exactly is the nature of his relationship with Ana Moreno, the only part of his past he cannot forget..

  • LVille (LVille) Publisher: Quetzal I Year:2009 I Pages: 192 I Original: Portuguese                                                               

Only advertisements present the idea of a happy city. The detective Manuel da Rosa knows it only too well. His routine of night strolls through the city is interrupted when the art dealer Ernesto Ávila is found dead. While Ávila’s past (a man who never liked to be known) is slowly uncovered, the detective struggles to keep away demons from his own past when he was trying to hide his identity. His relationship with Ana Moreno can no longer be kept a secret. Everything gets complicated with the arrival of the mysterious and beautiful Susana Wong, who seems to hold the key to the case. But the line between truth and lies is a very thin one